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Are you a landlord in Tuscola, TX, looking to hire a professional property manager to help with your rental business? If you are, look no further than Abilene Leasing & Property Management! We’re the expert team revolutionizing residential property management.

Since 2021, we've been elevating rental management, specializing in both single-family homes and smaller multi-family buildings. Our goal is to provide rental property owners with peace of mind. We handle everything on your behalf, so you don’t have to worry about every small detail regarding your rental investment.

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Our deep understanding of the real estate market in Tuscola and surrounding areas, positions us uniquely to manage your property effectively. What’s more, managing over 150 doors, we boast an average market duration of just 70 days and a 99% on-time rent payment rate, demonstrating our efficiency and reliability​​.

Catering to your unique needs, we offer transparent pricing with multiple plans, including a 30-day lease guarantee, tenant replacement guarantee, and more, ensuring a customized approach to property management​​.

When you partner with us, we will help transform your property management experience, ensuring your rental properties in Tuscola, TX, reach their fullest potential. Contact our property management company today to learn more!

Our Tuscola Property Management Services

At Abilene Leasing & Property Management, we offer an extensive range of services to streamline and enhance the property management experience for landlords in Tuscola, TX. Our comprehensive services cover every aspect of property management, ensuring peace of mind and profitability for our clients.


When you work with us, you will have access to the following Tuscola property management services:

Tenant Screening

This crucial step involves a comprehensive evaluation of potential tenants to ensure they are reliable and suitable for your rental property. The process includes checking the tenant's credit history, rental history, employment verification, and criminal background. This thorough screening process minimizes risks, such as property damage and rent defaults, contributing to a more stable and profitable rental experience for landlords.

We go beyond basic checks to assess the overall suitability of a tenant for your specific property. Our property manager will consider factors like the tenant's long-term stability and their history of relationships with previous landlords.

Property Marketing

Effective marketing is key to minimizing vacancies and attracting quality tenants. We employ a multi-channel marketing strategy to maximize exposure. This includes listing your investment property on popular rental sites, utilizing social media platforms, and employing traditional methods such as 'for rent' signs.

High-quality photographs and detailed property descriptions are also used to showcase your property’s best features, attracting higher interest from potential tenants. What’s more, as your property manager, we’ll monitor the performance of our marketing efforts and make necessary adjustments to ensure the best results.


Leasing Agreements

Drafting a solid leasing agreement is fundamental to protecting the interests of both the property owner and tenant. We ensure that every lease agreement is comprehensive and includes terms on rent payments, maintenance responsibilities, rules regarding pets, policies on late payments, and conditions for lease termination.

The leasing process is not just about creating a contract — it’s about establishing a clear and mutual understanding between the landlord and the tenant. Additionally, we remain informed of changes in property laws and update the lease agreements accordingly, ensuring that they remain current and enforceable.

Move-In Inspections

The move-in inspection is a critical step in the rental process. Before a tenant occupies a property, Abilene Leasing & Property Management conducts a thorough inspection to document the condition of the property. This inspection covers everything from the functionality of appliances to the condition of floors and walls.

Detailed notes and photographs are taken to create an accurate record of the property’s state at the time of move-in. This is crucial for protecting both the property owner and tenant, as it provides a baseline against which the property's condition can be compared at the end of the lease.

Regular Property Inspections

Conducting regular inspections is a vital part of maintaining the quality and value of a rental property. We schedule periodic inspections throughout the tenancy to ensure the property is well-maintained by the tenants and to identify any repair or maintenance needs.


These inspections are conducted in a way that respects the tenant’s privacy while ensuring the landlord’s investment is protected. Regular inspections help in detecting problems early, allowing us to provide solutions as soon as possible.

Rent Collection with Online Payments

Rent collection is a fundamental aspect of property management, and Abilene Leasing & Property Management simplifies this process through efficient, online payment systems. This convenience ensures timely rent collection, improving cash flow and reducing the hassle for both landlords and tenants.

Our system also provides detailed tracking of payments, enabling proactive management of late payments, including sending reminders and notices if necessary.

Maintenance and Repairs

Effective maintenance and repair management is crucial for preserving the value of rental properties. We offer a robust system for handling all maintenance and repair needs. We also coordinate with reliable contractors to ensure high-quality work at competitive prices, addressing issues promptly to prevent them from escalating.

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About Tuscola, TX

Nestled in the heart of Taylor County, Tuscola offers a perfect blend of small-town charm and easy access to larger city amenities. It’s known for its friendly community and scenic natural beauty, making it an attractive option for those seeking a peaceful lifestyle.

The area is also close to attractions like the Abilene State Park, offering outdoor activities such as hiking and camping, and the Taylor County Expo Center, hosting numerous events year-round. The proximity to Abilene provides additional entertainment, shopping, and dining options, ensuring residents never run out of things to do.
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Areas We Serve

In addition to Tuscola, we are proud to serve the following areas in Texas: Abilene, Buffalo Gap, Merkel, Eula, Clyde, Taylor County, Hawley, and Tye.

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