Investment Protection Package

Each of our tenants is enrolled in 2 programs.

Filter Easy Program:

This program automatically sends the tenant's HVAC filters each month by mail with a date stamp so that all the tenant has to do is change it out. No worry for the owner if the tenant is remembering to go out and buy filters. It's all done for them. When we do our inspections, one of the items we check is the filter to make sure the correct date filter is in the system. Did you know that changing HVAC filters regularly save as much as 15% on energy consumption? Most important though is that your HVAC system is working harder when there is a dirty filter in it leading to the deterioration of the unit and making it far more likely to break down and need replacement parts each year.

Tenant Liability Program:

This program automatically signs the tenants for liability insurance under our umbrella policy. This insures that the tenant ALWAYS has liability coverage while they are living in the property and it can't be canceled until they move out. If anything happens that is the tenant's fault ie: fire, flood, etc, it will be covered by the liability policy.