Finding a qualified tenant that will take great care of your investment is a top priority. That's why we do a credit check, eviction history, and criminal background check as well as a pet screening for all applicants. We are looking to get in quality tenants for all properties we manage. Our screening process along with our credit requirements are great tools to do just that. But we also know that sometimes things happen. A tenant loses their job, has a death in the family, or divorce that make it hard for them to keep up with the rent, etc. Sometimes the only way to handle a situation such as this is through the eviction process.

Because we have so much faith in our system we offer this guarantee. We will pay your legal fees up to $1000 for each eviction. This covers attorney fees as well as legal notices, filing fees, court fees, court appearances for the owner, and collections reporting. Most evictions can cost anywhere from $600 to well over $1000 with fees, attorney costs, and appearance fees.


*With this guarantee all applicants will be discussed with the owner, however, the final decision must be approved by us to make sure that they are top-quality tenants.