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Is the management of your Buffalo Gap, TX rental property more than you bargained for? Turn to the experts at Abilene Leasing & Property Management!

Property investors have a lot of consider well before they can start managing their residential units. They have to conduct market research and select the ideal property that matches their goals and investment needs. Management, however, can make or break your investment if not done comprehensively.

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For the management of your Buffalo Gap rental property, rely on one of the leading service provider in the region, Abilene Leasing & Property Management. We are a trusted residential property management company known for our professionalism, accountability, and integrity.

What makes us different from other property management companies? Our knowledge and understanding of the market is second to none. As a go-to property management company, we only hire the best of the best in the industry.

Whether you need help with marketing, tenant screening, rent collection, property maintenance, or anything in between, our property managers have the professional skills to ensure that your investments are properly cared for. Get in touch with Abilene Leasing & Property Management today to learn more about our services!

Our Buffalo Gap Property Management Services

From our experience offering property management services in Texas, we are aware of the diverse needs of property owners. No two properties are the same and Abilene Leasing & Property Management acknowledges this by offering a wide range of property management services. Some of the solutions that our property management company offers include:


Property Marketing and Advertising

How do you ensure that you have 100% occupancy on your property throughout the year? To achieve this goal you must have a thorough and customized marketing solution in place.

Moving with the current trends, we at Abilene Leasing & Property Management make use of digital media to guarantee maximum outreach. Our property managers use the latest technology to showcase your rental property in the best light possible. In addition to posting your listing on our platform and various social media platforms, we are always ready to stage and showcase your property.

Tenant Screening and Selection

A key determinant of your success as a rental property owner is the quality of the tenants whom you lease your property to. To protect our client’s interests, we at Abilene Leasing & Property Management always implements a rigorous tenant screening process. Our process has several levels that include rental history, employment, income, credit history, and criminal background checks.

Tenant screening involves handling sensitive and confidential information about a potential tenant. As such our process always complies with the provisions of the Fair Housing Laws. Rely on Abilene Leasing & Property Management to ensure that the process is handled legally.

Rent Collection and Review

Different investors choose property for various reasons. Some are looking for passive income and others are looking to diversify their investment portfolio. Regardless of the reason, the actualization of their investment goals relies on consistent collection of rental income.


At Abilene Leasing & Property Management we have a system that guarantees our clients prompt and full collection of rent. In case of any late payments, our property managers have the experience and training to handle all late payers and defaulters. We will also ensure that all penalties are paid as per the clause of the lease agreement.

After some time charging the same rent, we always advise our clients to carry out a rent review. This allows you to lease your property at market rent year over year. In addition to this, our property managers can advise you on what you can renovate or change to make your rental unit more attractive.

Property Inspection, Maintenance, and Repair

Maintenance of your rental property is a critical part of the management process. Good maintenance helps you maintain value in the property and keeps your tenants satisfied.

At Abilene Leasing & Property Management, we regularly inspect all properties in our portfolio as per a strict inspection schedule. Our property managers know what to look out for in terms of defects. Early detection allows us to respond quickly and also reduces maintenance costs in the long run.

You don’t have to worry about late-night maintenance requests when you have Abilene Leasing & Property Management as your partner. We also have a team on stand-by ready to respond to your tenants’ emergency maintenance requests on your behalf.


Financial Reporting and Accounting

In order to protect your property assest, you need to be aware of the flow of income and expenses through it. And that’s why financial reporting and accounting is critical. Thankfully, you don’t need an accountant when you have Abilene Leasing & Property Management as your property manager.

We offer accurate accounting and thorough financial reporting services as part of our management solutions. Every quarter, you will receive a breakdown of income and expense reports together with other important numerical metrics that help you analyze your property’s performance.

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Living in Buffalo Gap, TX

Located in Taylor County, Buffalo Gap is one of the ideal places to live in the area. Its location offers a hybrid suburban-rural feel that most residents seek. You can enjoy urban and modern amenities while also enjoying access to a slower pace and natural spaces.

The cost of living in Buffalo is a significant factor that draws residents to the area. In addition to this, residents pay less for transportation, insurance, food, and healthcare. What also attracts people to Buffalo Gap is the quality of the schools. Some of the notable schools in the area include Wylie East J.H., Buffalo Gap Elementary School, Premier High School, and Jim Ned Middle School.
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Areas We Serve

In addition to Buffalo Gap, we are proud to serve the following areas in Texas: Abilene, Tuscola, Merkel, Eula, Clyde, Hawley, Taylor County, and Tye.

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