Are you thinking of purchasing an investment property in Abilene? Several investment options exist in the current market. Rational investors are looking for the best options that guarantee a consistent return, possible appreciation in value, and also stability from economic shocks. Real estate stands out from the long list of investment options having proven itself time and time again.

There are so many reasons to invest in the area. To ensure more promising returns you need to find the right nighrborhood. From our experience in operating in the local real estate market, our professional team has been able to identify neighborhoods that could be the next big investment.

Top Neighborhoods for Property Investments in and Around Abilene

Here is a list of the best areas to invest in Abilene and the surrounding areas:


Abilene is the county seat for Taylor County. This neighborhood offers all the urban amenities that are loved by investors and renters alike. Abilene residents can attest to the small-town feel in the area.

The town of Abilene is known for its rich culture and arts scene. While away the weekend, individuals and families find themselves wandering through the town and enjoying the various cultural spaces and scenes.

Abilene also has a vibrant school system, at both middle and high school levels. This is appealing to those looking for long-term residencies are always looking for a neighborhood with access to the best educational institutions.


Buffalo Gap

Should you find yourself in the urban areas or prefer a more rural setup, one of the best places to consider is Buffalo Gap. What makes Buffalo Gap a preferred residential area is the picturesque surroundings and hinterlands.

The beautiful outdoors is where residents and visitors go to make memories. This coupled with a friendly community and a vibrant historic scene, means few places match the allure of Buffalo Gap.


With the cost of living on the rise and interest rates following suit, investors are looking for affordable neighborhoods and real estate investments. One such neighborhood near Abilene is Merkel. This option comes highly recommended and is a desirable opportunity for young investors in the market.

Merkel is also known for its small-town feel. Residents go out of their way to know each other and grow the community. Within no time, new visitors and guests to Merkel feel as though they are at home.


If you’re looking for investment opportunities in community-oriented neighborhoods, then Tuscola is the perfect place for you. The town of Tuscola is a highly desirable option for households of all ages.

Its key attraction is the well-performing schools in the local public district. In addition to this, Tuscola has several beautiful and expansive parks that give the town a nice balance of greenery and housing.



When you live in Abilene, you get to fall in love with the outdoors. Outdoor lovers will agree that the place to be for a wide variety of activities and endeavors has to be Hawley.

The neighborhood is revered by outdoor enthusiasts for its numerous recreational areas as well as its green spaces. Nature lovers, bikers, and hikers will attest to the expansive options in Hawley, TX that are perfect for making a new memory with a loved one.


In your research for the ideal investment opportunity, you must have heard about the importance of location. Property is an immovable asset and its value is derived from its location. Thankfully, Tye yields promising returns for savvy investors.

The small but ever-growing town of Tye is ideally located adjacent to the major highways of the area. It is awash with commuters and businesspeople who are on their way to work. Should you be looking to invest in either residential, office/ commercial, or industrial space, this area provides one of the best opportunities.


Texas is generally known for its hospitality, but if you are on the lookout for the neighborhood that offer a quintessential small-town ambiance, consider Lueders.

In this town, it’s easy for a new guest, tenant, or property owner to embed themselves in the community. Another positive attraction is the pace of life. Residents can enjoy a more laid back lifestyle when they choose to rent out property in the area.



Property is known for its appreciation in value. You invest in a town with a promising future and wait to reap the benefits years later on. The growing neighborhood of Avoca promises exactly that to the patient investor.

When you walk through Avoca, you can see the new housing developments, communities, and businesses coming up. The cost of investing in Avoca is lower than most neighborhoods on this list making it especially ideal for the investor with limited financial capacity.

Bottom Line

Abilene and its surrounding areas offer potential investors a wide range of opportunities to choose from. Should you wish to be closer to the action, want to purchase in a suburban area, or one with a predominantly rural lifestyle, there is a neighborhood in the area that will match your needs.

Property research and selection is quite a vigorous process. You will need a local partner in Abilene who knows the ins and outs of the area. With years of experience in Abilene and beyond, you should get in touch with one of the leading service providers in the area, Abilene Leasing & Management.

We are known for our experience, professionalism, and integrity. Our brand is well known in Abilene, and other surrounding areas. For any questions on which neighborhood will fit your investment needs, there is no better partner to have by your side. Get in touch with us today to learn about our property management services!