Other Additional Add Ons

Oversee Insurance Claims

Sometimes there are instances such as flooding or weather-related issues that can be very costly. In these cases, you may want to go through your Home Owners Insurance. This can mean a lot of inspections or meeting contractors and or insurance adjusters at the property. It will mean that we may need to check the status of repairs often etc. We are happy to assist with these types of things. This is a per-instance cost of $50 per claim.

Tenant Take Over

Many homeowners come to us from another Property Management company or even manage the property themselves and that comes with a tenant that is already occupying the property. We are happy to take over your current tenant. There is a cost to this as we have to indoctrinate the new tenants. We have to learn their current lease and situation. We have to meet with them to do a proper walk-through of the unit. Set them up with auto pay etc. See your plan of choice for the costs associated with us taking over your property with a current occupant.

Additional Inspections

We are happy to do extra inspections for you. Or a ride by to see something specific or take photos of something for you at the home. We do a minimum of 1 free inspection per year depending on the plan you choose.