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Abilene Leasing & Property Management is a leading rental management and real estate team of experts for residential properties!

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Abilene Leasing & Property Management

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At Abilene Leasing & Property Management, we offer expert property management services for the Big Country. Specializing in residential properties, we are a leading rental management and real estate team. Our services include listing available properties, screening potential tenants, collecting rent payments and providing statements, handling maintenance and repairs and providing direct owner communication.

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Property Management Benefits

What We Do As Your Abilene Property Manager

We understand that managing your property can be stressful and time-consuming. That’s why we offer expert property management services to help you with your day-to-day responsibilities. Here are some of the services we offer:


Using the latest technology, along with creative and innovative marketing strategies, we help property owners quickly fill their units with quality tenants. “For-rent” signs, word-of-mouth, listing sites and social media are just some of the ways we ensure that your vacancy reaches as many prospective tenants as possible.

Tenant Screening

Our careful tenant screening and selection process is a crucial part of our property management services. We don’t just place any tenant in your property. We strive to find a tenant who will respect the space and the terms of their lease.

Rent Collection

Without rent, you don’t have income. So, we take rent collection very seriously. We take care of everything for you, including receiving the rent payments, tracking down late payments, sending Pay or Quit notices, and collecting late fees. With us by your side, you will ensure a steady income month after month.


Maintaining your rental properties is important to ensure they retain their value. When you work with us, you will have access to trustworthy contractors for repair and maintenance issues. We also work with you to establish a preventive maintenance policy to uncover issues before they arise and provide recommendations for larger repairs, remodeling, and rehab projects. We are available 24/7 in case of an emergency.

Financial Reporting

If you’re tired of dealing with all your paperwork, we’re here for you. We can provide full accounting and management services for you! We will help you compile detailed expense reports based on receipts and invoices, maintain historical records of invoices, leases, warranties and inspections, and provide all required tax forms, including 1099.

Eviction Protection

Our tenant screening and selection process allows us to maintain an extremely low eviction rate. However, if there happens to be a need for an eviction, you can rest easy knowing that we will take care of everything, from start to finish. We will file all paperwork to initiate a lawful detainer, work with attorneys for legal representation in court, coordinate with law enforcement for eviction and possession of the property and advise in the event of a legal dispute.

Residential Rental Properties

What Types of Properties Do We Manage?

We specialize in providing residential property management services. We manage single-family homes and small multi-family buildings with fewer than 10 units. Learn more below!

Single-Family Homes

If you own single-family homes, you know how time-consuming they are to manage. You likely have many daily responsibilities to carry out in order to ensure the property's smooth operation. This includes regular maintenance, financial oversight, tenant communication, understanding of landlord-tenant laws, marketing vacancies, collecting rent, conducting property repairs and more.

If this feels overwhelming, know that Abilene Leasing & Property Management can help you manage your single-family homes.

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Abilene Leasing & Property Management By The Numbers

Doors Under Management 150+
Average Days on Market 70
Rent Paid on Time 99%

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What Do Our Client Say About Us?


Abilene leasing and property management is a great company to rent from. The customer service awesome, they are always very nice and quick to respond, I will definitely rent from them again!

Kloe Carter



Felicia is very patient and caring. I know we were an indecisive pain in the butt. She managed to help us find the perfect home that met both of our needs/wants. Highly recommend! Thank you!

Jennifer Young



Felicia was very helpful with us to find the perfect home a can’t thank her enough for being soo kind and the patience that she had very very sweet person and very professional on what she does.

Brandon Johnson Wideman


About Our Company

Abilene Leasing & Property Management

Founded in 2021, Abilene Leasing & Property Management is a full-service company ready to help you find success! Our property managers are all trained experts who understand the business and have years of experience working in this market. There may be many property management companies in Texas, but none is like Abilene Leasing & Property Management!

We offer a transparent pricing system, with multiple package options so that you can select the package that’s best for you. We also offer a 30-day lease guarantee, a tenant replacement guarantee, an eviction guarantee and more.

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